Splatoon Inkling Pixel Coasters

Your's for only 2.50 GBP
Splatoon Inkling Pixel Coasters


Splatoon Inkling Pixel Coasters

Your's for only 2.50 GBP

These are a truly original design created by Zo Zo Tings

Splatoon Inkings can alternate between a humanoid form and a squid form that bears a resemblance to the Bloopers from the Super Mario video game series.

Each set consists of an exclusive !!!BONUS!!! coaster 'Girl Inkling or Boy Inkling' which you will only get if you purchase all four, consider it a free gift from ZoZoTings to you :)

Please note:
For your BONUS coaster please mention at checkout which one you want either Girl Inkling (Orange Hair) or Boy Inkling (Blue Hair), if not it will be picked at random.

● Made from Perler/Hama Beads and part of our 'pixel range' :)
● Diameter is approximately 9cm, more if it has extended features.
● Due to the ironing process finished results may vary.
● Each has cork backing to help prevent scratching of tables.

► They will come well packaged and wrapped in tissue paper.
► Suitable for hot or cold drinks.
► Clean them with a damp cloth, please don't soak them.
► NOT dishwasher safe!!!

★ Shipped worldwide within 1-3 days, handmade in the UK ★