Pokemon Pixel Birthday Cake Topper

Your's for only 10 GBP
Pokemon Pixel Birthday Cake Topper


Pokemon Pixel Birthday Cake Topper

Your's for only 10 GBP

This is a truly original design created by Zo Zo Tings

Pokemon Cake Topper for any age just select which number and let me know which two Pokemon from the ones below you want to use and I'll make it for you in the same style as the one's shown, a great way to celebrate any Pokemon trainers birthday!

• Pikachu • Charmander • Squirtle • Bulbasaur • Eevee • Jigglypuff
• Ponyta • Totodile • Slowpoke • Mewouth • Poliwrath • Jolteon
• Flareon • Vaporeon • Espeon • Umbreon • Cyndaquil • Wartortle
• Mew • Mew Two • Togepi • Starmie • Staryu • Vulpix

A unique way to decorate your birthday cakes, pies and cupcakes! A great keepsake for the birthday Pokemon fan!

We go up to age 12 but if your trainer is older just let me know :D

Please see additional photos for more options.

● Made from Perler/Hama Beads and part of our 'pixel range' :)
● Due to the ironing process finished results may vary.
● They measures-ish 16cm/6.5" high by 25cm/10" wide.**
● The 1p 'penny' coin is used to show the approx size.

► Please do not light the them, they are not actual candles and it will destroy/melt the topper.
► For hygiene please wash before use in warm soapy water.
*Let me know which Pokemon you would like at checkout.
**Size may vary for different Pokemon and numbers.

★ Shipped worldwide within 1-3 days, handmade in the UK ★